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The Best Live Wallpaper App for Mac

When it comes to that screen that pops up when your computer goes idle there isn’t much to it. It’s inevitable and that scrolling marquee from the 90s hasn’t changed much to the now slideshow of pictures. Mac has created something that is somewhat innovative and allows you to fully …

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PopClip: The App Your Mac Needs

The apps in the Mac store are usually of very high quality since they are heavily screened and tested before ever coming close to the marketplace. PopClip is a great app which follows suit with these standards. In principle it is a simple app. When text is selected PopClip springs …

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Lock Screen Plus: Lock Your Mac’s Screen in Style

Locking your computer’s screen is a necessity for anyone who isn’t holed up in a cave for most of their working day. With the introduction of Macs into the normal working inventory it is an even more likely scenario that you’ll need to lock out your screen most of the …

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Shiny Groove: The Best New Grooveshark Player for Mac

When you hear about another streaming music app most people simply have the news go in one ear and out the other. With a plethora of streaming music options available on the market there seems like no point in highlighting the newest since it will be overtaken soon anyway. I …

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Access 1Password 4 iOS Now Via the App Store!

Scheduled for launch on December, 13th, the 1Password, latest version has now been made available at the App Store. This latest version of the app brings to users a host full of updated features, and has not been made available for only $7.99, which is 50% less than the typical …

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