Shiny Groove: The Best New Grooveshark Player for Mac

When you hear about another streaming music app most people simply have the news go in one ear and out the other. With a plethora of streaming music options available on the market there seems like no point in highlighting the newest since it will be overtaken soon anyway. I disagree! A lot of our reader base is not US based. Outside of the US many of the most popular music streaming services aren’t available. The best one for people outside of the US is Grooveshark. The thing is, Grooveshark is only a web based app so using it to stream music on your mac hasn’t been possible up until the release of Shiny Groove, the next best option for streaming music.

The Shiny Groove app is very nicely built and has a common sense interface that any Mac user will instantly be well versed in. It also stays on top of other apps on your Mac, but can be minimized with a click of a button. This means that when you inevitably want to skip a sing or look at the title it will be there just as easily as it will be minimized while you’re doing something more important like checking Facebook or procrastinating.

Although the music library available isn’t the most comprehensive, it is quite good for a non US based app. And, the fact that it’s specialized for Mac makes it an even better option in an even more slim market. Check out Shiny Groove for a nice streaming music experience on your Mac if other services have come up short or aren’t available to your geographic location.

Source: Shiny Groove for Mac

[Image Credit: Shiny Groove Web]

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