Lock Screen Plus: Lock Your Mac’s Screen in Style

Locking your computer’s screen is a necessity for anyone who isn’t holed up in a cave for most of their working day. With the introduction of Macs into the normal working inventory it is an even more likely scenario that you’ll need to lock out your screen most of the time. Lock Screen Plus is a really nifty app that allows you to lock your computer’s screen while making the most of a simple scenario.

Lock Screen Plus allows integration with weather services, passwords, internet connection, battery status and image functions so your lock screen isn’t just a regular everyday slideshow of computer generated images, but more of a widget. This is great since it makes the screen far more pleasing to look at while also showing how it is fully locked.

It can be customized in more ways than are worth listing and pops up automatically with whatever your chosen settings were at each inactive time period or sleep. Think of it as every other stock computer lock screen but simply maxed out with all of the extra trimmings.

It comes in a variety of themes to show you how to get the most of whatever style you’re into, but in reality it does exactly what you could ask for from any screen locking app. The only thing that isn’t great about this app is the inactive memory usage which idles at over 100 MB. This is pretty significant for a locking app, but the app itself is still worth it in my opinion.

Source: Loack Screen Plus for Mac

[Image Credit: Apple Mac Store]

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