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How to Setup Google Authenticator is as easy as scanning a QR code

Strong password are not enough anymore, we suggest using two factor authentication for your account safety. Two factor Authentication is offered by different popular services provides such as Facebook, Twitter, Instrgram and Gmail. Google Authenticator is a free security application that can secure your Google accounts from password theft and …

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Mount And Burn ISO Images In Windows 10

While there are many freely available and highly capable apps out there for handling ISO images, Microsoft has long natively supported mounting and burning images from File Explorer. In previous versions you would see an option to Burn any data being viewed from File Explorer. In later versions and in …

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Create A Custom Details View In File Explorer

File Explorer is one of the most commonly used features in Windows and lets you easily browse all of your folders, directories, files, etc. all with a few clicks. Everything is presented neatly in windows and that makes copying, moving, and other operations very simple to accomplish with a mouse. …

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Encrypt And Password Protect ZIP Files

The ZIP format is incredibly popular and useful for data compression and archiving. Most people have downloaded and sent hundreds of .zip files which can then be uncompressed without any data loss. Files compressed into the .zip format are also ripe for encryption as they can frequently contain an archive …

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