PopClip: The App Your Mac Needs

The apps in the Mac store are usually of very high quality since they are heavily screened and tested before ever coming close to the marketplace. PopClip is a great app which follows suit with these standards. In principle it is a simple app. When text is selected PopClip springs to action. With any imaginable shortcut you can think of such as copy and paste, autocorrect, sending links or excerpts, and even searches this does anything you could ever want when selecting text.

It really does seem like it’s almost too simple to really have any meaningful impact on your computing experience, but that’s only because you’ve gone so long without it. Once you start using this app you’ll first wonder how it isn’t a default program on the Mac since it works so flawlessly, and then you’ll wonder how you functioned without it for so long.

It takes short cuts and makes them even shorter. The only services it provides it does faster and more efficiently than would be possible without it. I downloaded this app to write this article about and I’ve already used it a number of times in my work day. People who use their Macs to do anything at all will find this incredibly useful from students to professionals.

With seamless integration to other services like EverNote there’s no reason to hold yourself from this app any longer. It really does make my workday go so much easier in places I never even realized I was wasting time. Check it out and you won’t regret it.

Source: PopClip for Mac

[Image Credit: Apple Mac Store]

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