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Updating The Apple Watch To watchOS 2

The watchOS 2 update for the Apple Watch was set to be released today but has been delayed due to a bug that needs fixing before the full release. As this is a highly significant update and release, Apple will want to make sure that the transition is as smooth …

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Google Maps Now Available On The Apple Watch

Google’s support for Apple Watch users just keeps on rolling and today an update to Google Maps has been released that lets you use the app on your Apple Watch. Previously, you would need to use Apple’s own Maps app to get directions or view maps via an Apple Watch. …

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Comparing The Apple iPhone 6s And Samsung Galaxy s6

As expected, Apple has just announced the latest flagship iPhone model, the iPhone 6s, which will be an update and revision to the iPhone 6. Apple has long used this strategy of releasing a slightly upgraded model at the midway point in a product’s lifetime before the next full iteration …

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Report Claims A 2019 Release For The Apple Car

In a recently released report from the Wall Street Journal, there are claims that Apple’s rumored electric car could see a release as soon as 2019. That’s still some ways off but remarkably soon for a company with absolutely no experience engineering and building vehicles to expect to roll out …

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The 5 Best Translation Apps for Android and IOS

People have wanted mobile universal language translators for centuries. Although the technology has been a long time coming, it is steadily and rapidly improving in accuracy, speed, and the number of languages that can be translated. The power of mobile devices and cloud storage allow for apps that can translate …

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