Unclutter App for Mac – The Best Way to Clean Your Desktop

I work as a writer and blogger for most of my week days. Although this is great work and fun for most of my time spent on it, my computer’s desktop suffers a bit as a side effect. If I have multiple projects going on at the same time and deadlines left and right it feels a little like a wind storm came by and knocked over my trash bin onto my desktop. With a slew of icons, images, and documents in every nook and cranny the clutter on my desktop is far from manageable. Finally, there is a solution!

The Unclutter app for Mac helps get any dirty and unorganized desktop back into shape in a breeze. The interface is great an comes naturally. It stays as a little bar on the top of the screen. All you have to do drag and drop your stuff in there and it sorts it out for you in an easy and clean looking way.

This is a great solution for people like me who hate having twenty finder windows open and even more document files up. It helps take all of that bulk down in a way that makes it look nice and keep you from dragging windows in an attempt to resize them and fit them all into one screen.

The best part of this app is that since it’s essentially always open it allows for you to maximize the fact that it is also a clipboard viewer and notepad while being a storage space. I use it for a notepad quite often actually. I find myself pulling it down just to jot a quick note or make a small list of priorities of the pages I have up. All in all the design, execution and functionality of the app make it great for exactly what it should be.

Source: Unclutter for Mac

[Image Credit: Apple Mac Store]

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