Access 1Password 4 iOS Now Via the App Store!

Scheduled for launch on December, 13th, the 1Password, latest version has now been made available at the App Store. This latest version of the app brings to users a host full of updated features, and has not been made available for only $7.99, which is 50% less than the typical price of the security app by the atebits software.

The 1Password will help generate strong and unique passwords for every single sit you get to visit on your iOS gadget, protecting all your confidential data behind a distinct master password It offers superior security features with a military grade 256-bit AES encryption, and makes use of the standard iOS libraries to ensure that there are simply no 3rd party security or backdoors gaps. In case, your iOS gadget is stolen or lost, the 1Password supports an Auto-Lock feature, which makes sure that all of your data is secured and protected.

You can easily backup all your information in the 1Password, imperative and confidential information such as access codes, bank account numbers, Passport info, notes, Store credit card numbers, passwords and a lot more. You can mark such items as your favorites, or easily organize your data strongly into different folders. You can easily search within the apps for more attachments, and even make them view within the 1Password application.

There is even an integrated browser for online shopping, logging into sites, secure surfing, which provide users with an access to their 1Password vault data without even jumping to Safari. With this feature, you can automatically fill up address info, credit cards, and browse through multiple tabs safely.

Moreover, 1Password also offers iCloud support, enabling users to easily sync their data across the enabled gadgets, and also offers the ability to utilize the feature of Dropbox across the 1Password apps on Android, Mac, or Windows PCs.

This is the universal app which has been made available now to users, it runs perfectly fine on iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. Once you are going to purchase and install on your iOS gadgets, it will not ask for any other hidden fees or subscription

Source: iTunes Store

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