The Best Live Wallpaper App for Mac

When it comes to that screen that pops up when your computer goes idle there isn’t much to it. It’s inevitable and that scrolling marquee from the 90s hasn’t changed much to the now slideshow of pictures. Mac has created something that is somewhat innovative and allows you to fully make the most of this simple screen. It no longer has to just be sitting there, useless and uninspired. Live wallpaper for Mac is something that now contributes to your life in a way no other screensaver or lock screen has before.

Live Wallpaper is the number one top paid app in 43 countries and in the top two in almost 100 countries. Obviously quantity doesn’t prove quality, but if that many people are willing to spend money on it, there’s a good bet there’s something to it. The app is simple. All it entails is a vivd, bright, beautiful image, a weather widget and a time widget. This tells you basically everything you would check on a smart phone after unlocking it in a single screen.

The app itself comes with 24 official themes and an infinite amount of community created and submitted entries. All of the themes are free to access once you have the app, and at only 99 cents, you can easily make it worth your while.

Customization is key in this app as well. With the ability to rearrange the time and weather widgets and resize them wherever you’d like and however you’d like on the screen, you can make it look however you’d like. You can also enter text to appear on the wallpaper as well. A bright message or inspiring note can be seen anytime the Live Wallpaper shows up.

If you have multiple monitors you can set a different Live Wallpaper to each screen as well. Although this app is almost as simple as you can get you still get the same guaranteed Apple app store quality, and an endless supply of user created themes to keep you busy and entertained. It’s well worth the entry price of just under a dollar.

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[Image Credit: Apple Mac Store]

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