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Updating The Apple Watch To watchOS 2

The watchOS 2 update for the Apple Watch was set to be released today but has been delayed due to a bug that needs fixing before the full release. As this is a highly significant update and release, Apple will want to make sure that the transition is as smooth …

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The Pebble Time Round Smartwatch Has Been Announced

The Pebble smartwatch has gone through several quick versions as the market for smartwatches grows and competition increases. Many high profile smartwatches are being reimagined and redesigned with a much more traditional circular body so that they don’t stand out so much as a smartwatch. This makes them arguably more …

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Google Maps Now Available On The Apple Watch

Google’s support for Apple Watch users just keeps on rolling and today an update to Google Maps has been released that lets you use the app on your Apple Watch. Previously, you would need to use Apple’s own Maps app to get directions or view maps via an Apple Watch. …

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The best ways to “look for updates” on your Android gadget

check android updates

Upgrading your Android can be an unpleasant experience that needs a great deal of persistence, depending upon the gadget you own and the provider you’re with. Usually when a brand-new variation of Android begins presenting, it does not strike every gadget at the exact same time– it depends a lot …

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Mount And Burn ISO Images In Windows 10

While there are many freely available and highly capable apps out there for handling ISO images, Microsoft has long natively supported mounting and burning images from File Explorer. In previous versions you would see an option to Burn any data being viewed from File Explorer. In later versions and in …

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5 Great Alternatives To uTorrent client

Torrents are a great way to crowdsource sharing of data and make it easy to find almost any file imaginable. One of the most popular clients for downloading torrents is uTorrent. However, after uTorrent was bought out by BitTorrent, some unpopular changes were made which have made some users shift …

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The 5 Best Alternatives To Microsoft Excel

As a part of Microsoft’s Office productivity suite of software, Excel is wildly popular with both individuals and companies for spreadsheet work. Excel makes it very easy to organize, track and curate large amounts of data with options for customized formulas that are perfect for making simple graphs, charts, records, …

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Comparing The Apple iPhone 6s And Samsung Galaxy s6

As expected, Apple has just announced the latest flagship iPhone model, the iPhone 6s, which will be an update and revision to the iPhone 6. Apple has long used this strategy of releasing a slightly upgraded model at the midway point in a product’s lifetime before the next full iteration …

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10 best Android emulators for Windows PC or Mac

10 best android emulator list for windows 8, 10 and Mac

There is genuine reasoning why somebody would wish to run Android emulators on their Windows or Mac system. Android emulators/simulators are mainly needed to run Android apps & video games on Windows. Selecting the proper Android emulator may end up being a challenging job, as if not chosen appropriately they …

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