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5 Great Alternatives To uTorrent client

Torrents are a great way to crowdsource sharing of data and make it easy to find almost any file imaginable. One of the most popular clients for downloading torrents is uTorrent. However, after uTorrent was bought out by BitTorrent, some unpopular changes were made which have made some users shift …

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The 5 Best Alternatives To Microsoft Excel

As a part of Microsoft’s Office productivity suite of software, Excel is wildly popular with both individuals and companies for spreadsheet work. Excel makes it very easy to organize, track and curate large amounts of data with options for customized formulas that are perfect for making simple graphs, charts, records, …

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Using File History feature With Windows 10

The unassumingly named File History feature lets Windows 10 save periodic backups of your files. Not to be confused with the feature that tracks your recently opened files, File History is a dedicated backup service that many users either aren’t even aware exists. It can be of great help when …

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The 5 Best Tools To Edit A PDF

PDF files are amazing for creating a final draft of a digital document that can then be distributed with its formatting intact. It’s no surprise that many companies use PDFs for their internal documents, product manuals, and anything else that needs to have a set format but be flexible enough …

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