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Comparing The Apple iPhone 6s And Samsung Galaxy s6

As expected, Apple has just announced the latest flagship iPhone model, the iPhone 6s, which will be an update and revision to the iPhone 6. Apple has long used this strategy of releasing a slightly upgraded model at the midway point in a product’s lifetime before the next full iteration …

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FaceTime Audio On iOS7 – Make Crystal Clear Voice Calls

The latest iOS update brings a series of improvements and a massive overhaul of the user interface. Beneath that shiny coat of paint is an unsung addition that could prove to be a game changer. It’s called FaceTime Audio, and brings astoundingly clear voice calls to all devices running iOS7. …

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Official Imgur App Now On iOS

Imgur, the popular viral image sharer now has its own official app for iOS devices. If you’ve never heard of the service, users upload photos which can be shared and grow virally as people comment on them and spread them around. It’s an easy way to spend hours and hours …

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Liven Up Photos With ShapeThat For iOS

ShapeThat puts a different spin on your photos with its collection of over 180 different masks. The masks come in four categories called shapes, symbols, words and letters. The concept is very simple but it’s a lot of fun and with the variety available, there is almost surely the right …

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Days: Your Visual Photo and GIF Diary

With our world of modernized media and social media integration it is alarming the rate at which our everyday routines turn digital. Apps such as Facebook and Instagram make the world of our own and of our peers documented in a way that has never been done before. A new …

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ActoTracker: Record History of Activities on a Mac

If it is that you have even come to work on Monday and he been wondering about what you worked on Friday, you are not alone in this regard. You perhaps will have suddenly gone blank when working on several tasks altogether, and have totally forgotten what were you working …

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