ActoTracker: Record History of Activities on a Mac

If it is that you have even come to work on Monday and he been wondering about what you worked on Friday, you are not alone in this regard. You perhaps will have suddenly gone blank when working on several tasks altogether, and have totally forgotten what were you working on. Worst scenario, you must have spent a significant amount of time looking for a particular folder or file, only to determine that you have lost it again as you forgetfully ended everything. Get hold of this app called as Actotracker for your Mac that has been developed to keep a record of all of your activity on your device. It is going to keep a track of all you do, whatever app you make use of, where you go and also the URLs you visit online. Moreover, it can also save the screenshots of various apps you are using. Also,  you can manually specific applications or add notes or even places that the Actotracker can mark. You can access your history anytime you want and can be filtered by app, day, week or even by the month. You will find Actotracker available in Beta version, and there could be a few lags and bugs too.not all of its features work appropriately and if you come across any issues with any of them, you can exist and re-launch the application.

When you are running the Actotracker app on your system, apps, files or folders you can make use of getting to appear at locations and that can be in the form of URLs or Pathrs in the app interface. The app will record how long a particular file or app has been used, and when was the last activity made. This is all expected that you have set it to track every activity automatically. In case, you find that the app is not recording your activities, you can always add them on to your system manually.
Moreover, you can take screenshots too. This can be enabled onto your system by checking through the app’s preferences and then selecting the option of ‘take screenshots’ that is right under the ‘Settings’ tab. You may find the feature a bit buggy at times, so if you find that capturing on a screenshot exceedingly imperative, you can open up an item in the Inspector tab, and then click over the ‘Snap’ button to do it yourself.

Actotracker happens to be a great application, but due to various bugs, it is more likely be asking significant patience. Although, it happens to be an active development, and you can easily speed up the bug finding as well as fixing process by volunteering to be a beta tester.

Source: ActoTracker App for Mac

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