Official Imgur App Now On iOS

Imgur, the popular viral image sharer now has its own official app for iOS devices. If you’ve never heard of the service, users upload photos which can be shared and grow virally as people comment on them and spread them around. It’s an easy way to spend hours and hours looking for random, funny or insane images and view the top comments for each.

The Imgur app provides much the same experience as the site, with a similar layout and interface scheme. You can upload your own photos from your device, or just browse the endless online collection and leave comments or votes. You’ll need an Imgur account to access these features but you can simply browse without interacting if you like. You can also manage your account settings and albums from within the app once you’ve logged in. Voting is an up or down system and there is a status bar beneath each photo showing the relative likes and dislikes. There are a few curated sections where you can very easily browse the latest and most popular postings in the Imgur community.

One drawback for many users is the inability to save your favorite photos directly to the camera roll. It would be a convenient feature but all of the rest of the Imgur experience remains intact. ┬áThe app is still a little rough around the edges and doesn’t really do anything beyond the basic browser experience. It does work slightly faster than a mobile browser though, which is the main goal of a dedicated mobile app.

If you’re a frequent Imgur user and want the mobile experience on your iOS device, check the Imgur app out. It’s available for download free on the App Store.

 Source: Imgur for iOS


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