Days: Your Visual Photo and GIF Diary

With our world of modernized media and social media integration it is alarming the rate at which our everyday routines turn digital. Apps such as Facebook and Instagram make the world of our own and of our peers documented in a way that has never been done before. A new app called, Days, is working to create an even more intense bond between our lives and the way we record them. Days serves as a general checkpoint and documentation memory keeper for things we do all day long. With cameras on our phones we take pictures all day long. No matter how insignificant these photos stay with some sort of marker of what we were doing at that point in the day. This app goes to record all of these moments and store them in a way that will make your virtual photo and GIF collection into a daily diary of your own for you and others to see.

There is no other app like this out there. There are apps for pictures, diaries, GIF making, and social media, but never a combination that functions to this extent. The idea behind Days is that there are so many moments in a normal person’s life that go around the idea of that once or twice a day Instagram photo or Facebook status update. People live their lives and take pictures all the time so why not integrate the two into an app where they are stored and kept as a record diary.

This app isn’t like Instagram in the way it holds the photo at the highest pinnacle of the app. It’s not about applying twenty filters and making it look like something it’s not. It’s about recording that split second of your day over and over to recall exactly what you were doing, how you felt and where you were.

Go check out Days in the Apple App Store today and get on keeping track of your memories and your pictures for you and your friends to see.

Source: Days – Your Visual Photo and GIF Diary for iPhone

[Image Credit: Apple iTunes Store]

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