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Comparing The Apple iPhone 6s And Samsung Galaxy s6

As expected, Apple has just announced the latest flagship iPhone model, the iPhone 6s, which will be an update and revision to the iPhone 6. Apple has long used this strategy of releasing a slightly upgraded model at the midway point in a product’s lifetime before the next full iteration …

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is a smartphone or a bomb?

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was a successor to the Note 5 and it’s launched in August 2016. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 having all top end specification including 3,500 mAh lithium-ion battery with fast charging mode.  Unfortunately Samsung recalled estimated 2.5 Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices after reports emerged devices exploding …

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Difference Between Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 Minis

The Samsung Galaxy S3, when it debuted in 2012, aroused overwhelming interest in a very significant number of consumers. It is no wonder that this Smartphone by the Korean company Samsung Electronics greeted the end of that year as the bestselling Smartphone of 2012. Many people, not only in the …

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Samsung expects Galaxy S4 sales more than 80 million in 2013

When Samsung announced flagship Galaxy S4 smartphone sales had reached 10 million units in one month. But now according to RBC Capital Market analyst, Samsung Galaxy S4 sales will reach 80 million units in 2013. “Galaxy S-4 demand in the first month of availability has been incrementally better than our …

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