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How To Check iphone Battery Status From Your Apple Watch

Enterprising developer Tom Etminan has written a lightweight app called Battery Monitor that allows you to check the iPhone’s battery status right from an Apple Watch. It’s a bit surprising that Apple neglected to include this feature as standard when the Apple Watch released. Because the Apple Watch’s functionality is …

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Transfer Contacts From Android to Your iPhone

If you’ve decided to switch from an Android phone to the iPhone or if you’re a user of both, you’ve likely had the need to transfer your list of contacts between devices. There are a few ways of transferring contacts from an Android phone to the iPhone ranging from the …

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Use the WhatsApp Web Client Right Through Your iPhone

The popular WhatsApp messaging platform launched its web client several months ago but is still not accessible through the iPhone’s browser. Luckily, if you have a jailbroken iPhone, it is possible to navigate to and make use of the web client. If you prefer the layout and features available on …

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