Samsung Galaxy S4 Official Release and Availability Announced

The months of speculation are finally over and the official release of the Galaxy S4 is here. Samsung themselves have released details about their newest top of the line device which will be available on all major network carriers. Although not giving a specific date, the “late April” claim is all we really have to go on. This may not suit some die hard fans who want to mark their calendars, but it’s the best we’ve got.

The price points are another big question which have been left out. Many fans are wondering if the price will be low enough to justify switching devices before their contract periods allow for discounts or not. The mobile carriers have been following suit and releasing their own announcements about getting their customers in line to preorder the new S4.

Although not entirely confirmed or for sure yet, two sources have credited T-Mobile and Sprint with spilling the beans a little early with release dates and prices for their specific networks. T-Mobile will offer the device starting April 24th and for $149.99 with new two year contract. Sprint will offer the S4 starting Arpil 27th and preorders opening tomorrow. The price for the S4 on Sprint will be $249.99, but offers an instant $100 credit towards the price if switching from another carrier.

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