Samsung expects Galaxy S4 sales more than 80 million in 2013

When Samsung announced flagship Galaxy S4 smartphone sales had reached 10 million units in one month. But now according to RBC Capital Market analyst, Samsung Galaxy S4 sales will reach 80 million units in 2013.

“Galaxy S-4 demand in the first month of availability has been incrementally better than our estimate of 10M units,” Sue wrote in a note to clients on Thursday. “In comparison, the S-III took nearly 2 months (50 days) to achieve the 10M units mark. Our broad-based channel checks at U.S. stores indicate that demand for the 16G S-4 devices remains strong with 32G Black devices mostly sold-out and 32G White devices yet to make it to the stores.”

Mr. Sue said that Samsung future looks great and it will be a major achievement for the company. However, recently Samsung has unveiled the rumored Galaxy S4 Mini Smartphone. The Galaxy S4 is the stripped down version of flagship Galaxy S4 smart phone. No doubt Korean Smartphone manufacturer Samsung has found the winning formula in the smart phone industry.


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