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Difference Between Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 Minis

The Samsung Galaxy S3, when it debuted in 2012, aroused overwhelming interest in a very significant number of consumers. It is no wonder that this Smartphone by the Korean company Samsung Electronics greeted the end of that year as the bestselling Smartphone of 2012. Many people, not only in the …

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Top 5 Network Switches for 2013

What are some of the best network switches for 2013? When comparing network switches, it’s worth thinking about how many ports they can handle, as well as the amount of layers they can provide for a network. The best network switches will also offer integration with fibre optics and admin …

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Full Screen Technology: How Have Motorola Achieved This?

We’re seeing more and more smartphones that use full screens, or at least something close to them; phone screens are also getting larger and larger, with many phones blurring the distinction between a smartphone and a tablet. Motorola have been an innovator in terms of developing full screen phones, with …

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Tips and tricks for Using Cloud Computing in your Home

Cloud computing gives modern computer users, be they corporate, small businesses or individual residential computer owners, a wide variety of computing, storage and hardware use options that can lead to enormous financial savings thanks to the genius of their implementation. This is the case because, with clouds, instead of buying …

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