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Disable Automatic Driver Updates In Windows 10

By default, Windows 10 downloads and installs driver updates for devices automatically. While this is useful for many users who don’t want to manually update or constantly wonder whether their devices are using the latest drivers, for others it can become a major headache. Most people have experienced problems with …

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Disable Or Uninstall OneDrive In Windows 10

OneDrive is Microsoft’s cloud storage platform and lets you sync data across many devices. You can upload and download a variety of data and set OneDrive to automatically back up everything to the cloud. While some might find this a wonderfully beneficial feature, it does introduce some security concerns, especially …

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Disable Automatic Renewal In Apple Music, Here’s How

Apple’s new streaming music service, Apple Music, has just launched and with it comes a free three month trial. With Apple Music, you gain access to many music stations, a huge catalog of streaming music, and any track you’ve purchased on iTunes can also be streamed directly to your device. …

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Disable Automatic Web Search In Windows 10

When Windows 10 ships in just two months, it will come with a major change to how search is handled. Now, anytime you type anything into the search bar, Windows 10 will use Bing to search for results both locally and on the web. While some people might welcome this, …

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