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Mount And Burn ISO Images In Windows 10

While there are many freely available and highly capable apps out there for handling ISO images, Microsoft has long natively supported mounting and burning images from File Explorer. In previous versions you would see an option to Burn any data being viewed from File Explorer. In later versions and in …

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Using File History feature With Windows 10

The unassumingly named File History feature lets Windows 10 save periodic backups of your files. Not to be confused with the feature that tracks your recently opened files, File History is a dedicated backup service that many users either aren’t even aware exists. It can be of great help when …

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Disable Automatic Driver Updates In Windows 10

By default, Windows 10 downloads and installs driver updates for devices automatically. While this is useful for many users who don’t want to manually update or constantly wonder whether their devices are using the latest drivers, for others it can become a major headache. Most people have experienced problems with …

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