How to clean and sanitize your phone during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) spread

To prevent Covid-19 coronavirus spread, all countries health authorities are advising peoples to keep their hands clean and avoid touching your face. But what about touching bundle of germs on your smartphones?
Most of behavioral studies shows that an average person touch their smartphone around 76 times a day. According to some test results research scientist has said that coronavirus can live for two or three days on plastic and stainless steel. So, washing your hands are not enough, cleaning smartphone screen is also recommended to safeguard yourself against this deadly virus.

Here’s, How to sanitize your smartphone

  1. Remove your smartphone from your case and power it down.

2. Remove Cases or Covers

3. Mix Distilled Water and 70% Isopropyl Alcohol

4. Spray Microfiber Cloth

5. Wipe Down the Phone

6. Clean Small Areas

7. Allow the Phone to Air Dry

Never use the following items to clean a cell phone:
Compressed air
Window or household cleaners
Aerosol spray cleaners
Harsh Solvents (acetone, benzene, toulene)
Hydrogen peroxide
Abrasive powders

There’re ultraviolet light sanitizing devices are also available in market to buy, you can clean you smartphone, if you are willing to purchase it.

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