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Google Maps Now Available On The Apple Watch

Google’s support for Apple Watch users just keeps on rolling and today an update to Google Maps has been released that lets you use the app on your Apple Watch. Previously, you would need to use Apple’s own Maps app to get directions or view maps via an Apple Watch. …

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Apple Maps Now with Street View! The Day Has Arrived

Apple maps was under a lot of pressure from the get go. There were problems with the launch, and the newest OS was ripe with issues in its map app. Even after it was repaired and the latest patch released, there was still one main aspect missing, street view. This …

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Is It That The Third-Party Apps Are Taking Over iOS – Learn How?

The third-party applications have now been marked as the best-in-class when it comes to iOS. This happens to be a great achievement for all the third-party users, developers and precisely Apple. It offers various other third-parties, such as Google, with additional revenue and exposure. Eventually,  providing users with superior applications …

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Google Vs. Apple Maps – Which One To Opt For?

The Google Maps app was made available in the Apple’s App Store last week, and it was a pretty joyful moment for the cyberspace. The proof of this is that just after a few hours of availability, Google Maps turned out to be the most downloaded application for the iOS …

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