Google Maps Now Available On The Apple Watch

Google’s support for Apple Watch users just keeps on rolling and today an update to Google Maps has been released that lets you use the app on your Apple Watch. Previously, you would need to use Apple’s own Maps app to get directions or view maps via an Apple Watch. While Apple Maps had a notoriously bumpy start, it has definitely improved over time but Google Maps is still the king of map and direction apps. Apple Watch owners now have the option to use Google Maps for getting directions to and from work, home, and recently visited or set locations.

On the Apple Watch, the Google Maps app keeps it very simple with just two buttons to navigate either Home or to Work locations linked to your Google account. The app is also cleverly designed to accommodate different modes of transport from walking to driving or taking public transport. You can easily swap between views of routes and how long each mode will take. You can also quickly set a navigation point on your iPhone and get directions and guidance from your Apple Watch.

With the very limited screen space available, it’s nice to see how thoughtfully Google has planned the interface so that you can get directions quickly, easily, and for nearly any kind of transportation. Of course the maps and directions are top notch as you’d expect from the leading map app. The experience is the same one many people are used to and the transition between an iPhone and Apple Watch is a smooth one.

There’s a reason Google Maps is so widely used and respected. The directions are fast, accurate and easy to follow. With support for the Apple Watch, Google covers the many users who had to settle for Apple’s Maps app. Now Apple Watch owners can enjoy the full benefits of the power of Google Maps.

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