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The 5 Best Smartwatches for Under $200

With the high cost of most smartwatches, some might think owning one is beyond their means and not really necessary. Not all smartwatches are $300 and over though, and there are some excellent, full-featured choices for $200 and under. You might be surprised at how much you can get for …

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Half-Life Runs on Android Wear!?

Yes the day has finally arrived and the iconic game Half-Life has been made to run on an Android Wear smartwatch. Before you get too excited, as one might imagine it does not run at a proper framerate all the time and is nearly unplayable using such a small screen …

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5 Great Animated Watch Faces for Android Wear

Smartwatches let you express your personality and creativity with animated watch faces. Of course standard watches and pocketwatches have sported intricate moving faces for centuries, but never has it been possible to have such dynamic, moving, colored, and customizable faces on a watch. Even better, because it all happens on …

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The 5 Best Apps For Android TV

Android TV is a new media platform for video and gaming that runs either on a set-top box, or integrated into newer TVs. With Android TV, you’ll be able to access popular video apps, games, and other Android apps that have been optimized for a big screen experience. Here are …

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5 Great Social Android Wear Apps

As the use of smartwatches grows, more and more Android apps are being updated to play nice with Android Wear if not written for the wearable platform from scratch. As you’re likely to be wearing a smartwatch while out on the town, it can be a great addition to your …

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