Better Copy and Paste With These Android Apps

It doesn’t get much simpler than copying and pasting. It’s such a common and useful task that many people even know the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + C for copying and Ctrl + V for pasting. You might think that would be the long and short of it but you would be mistaken. In fact copy and paste can be much more flexible than just taking a bit of text or data and copying it somewhere else. Unfortunately the stock Android copy and paste functionality is missing many of these more advanced features and that’s where apps step in. Give these apps a try to vastly improve the copy and paste capabilities of your Android device.

1. Native Clipboard


Native Clipboard is a souped up copy and paste app that can store a record of what you’ve copy and pasted for quick and repeated access. The interface is great and very easy to navigate and your copied snippets are easily visible and usable. It can also double as a note taking or memo app as you can categorize and color code what you’ve copied.


2. Clipper


Clipper is highly recommended for its clean, fast and intuitive interface. It copies, pastes, and keeps a record of your clips for convenience and speed. It also has a separate list for very frequently used clips which can mightily speed up entering things like longer URLs or e-mail addresses. The free version unfortunately has a rather obtrusive ad along the bottom and a 20 clip limit but these can be removed by purchasing the app for $1.99.


3. Copy Bubble


Copy Bubble is unique in that it has a floating interface bubble. You simply copy clips and they are all added to your Copy Bubble which can then be used to paste those entries anywhere by tapping the bubble. It’s amazing if you are a highly frequent user of copy and paste but maybe a little much for more casual jobs.

4. AnyCopy


AnyCopy features much more security than the other apps combined. It has a PIN option to lock the app, encryption of your notes and password protection can be enabled for individual folders. It’s also completely free and does a fantastic job with any copy and paste task.

5. EasyCopy


EasyCopy augments your existing Android copy and paste to make it much faster and easier to copy to other apps. Usually you’d need to copy something, then close the app you copied the data from, open the app you’d like to paste the data into, and then paste it. EasyCopy presents a shortcut menu of apps when you copy something. It’s essentially saving you a few taps to open the other app you need to paste into but those taps and seconds can add up. The menu of apps to paste into can be configured to match your most frequently used apps for even more convenience.

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