5 Great Animated Watch Faces for Android Wear

Smartwatches let you express your personality and creativity with animated watch faces. Of course standard watches and pocketwatches have sported intricate moving faces for centuries, but never has it been possible to have such dynamic, moving, colored, and customizable faces on a watch. Even better, because it all happens on a screen, the faces can be swapped instantly with no physical moving parts and the possibilities are as endless as artistic expression. Android Wear is no slouch when it comes to animated faces. Here are 5 great animated faces that will be sure to liven up the already fun animated faces available.

1. Weareal Live 3D Watch Faces

Weareal uses a smartwatch’s internal motion sensors to create the illusion of natural lighting being reflected from the watch face. It’s an effect notable on physical watches that could have slight glare when light is reflected from the glass or plastic coated face. This effect is an amazing way to enhance the illusion of having a physical watch as opposed to one with a screen.

2. Space and Time Watch Face

This charming watch face lets you have a little spaceship and planet orbiting a moon with the time conveniently placed on the moon’s surface. The face looks great, the animations are smooth, and it is sure to please any fan of sci-fi, space, or playful watch faces.

3. Wear Time Circuit Watch Face

This watch face turns your watch into something that would be at home on the set of any sci-fi movie or show. A slick animation shows particles move across circuits while the time is told with a set of LED type dots. It’s a great package and really makes a watch look like it belongs on a time traveler’s wrist.

4. Pac-Man Watch Face

For fans of old school arcade games and Pac-Man, this is a great animated face that has Pac-Man chomping dots and ghosts as he makes his way around the watch face. The time is told in the center with a classic arcade font. It’s hard to beat this face for gaming nostalgia.

5. WatchMaker Premium

If you feel like trying your hand at making your own custom watch face, WatchMaker Premium is a fine choice. You’ll also have access to thousands of faces created by other users. There are dozens of options for the types of data the face can show, animations, etc. so you’re limited only by your imagination and it’s fun to create something new and share it with others.

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