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5 Best Alternative solutions for Smartphone Charging

Charging a smartphone is pretty standard right? Just plug it into a micro-USB (or your proprietary cable) and then into a wall outlet adapter. Or you could charge it much more slowly over USB or something similar. These methods have their drawbacks, namely that your phone has to be plugged …

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Check Your Eyesight With Online App ‘Vision’

With the number of hours the typical person spends staring at their smartphone, computer, TV, etc. many are bound to have issues with their vision sometime or another. It’s also common for vision to fluctuate throughout life as the eyes change from aging and different conditions. Although modern devices can …

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Asus announced ZenWatch 2 Smartwatch with curved Gorilla

Asus recently unveiled the latest version of its ZenWatch smartwatch line, not surprisingly named the ZenWatch 2. It features many improvements over the original model and hopes to compete with the Apple Watch. Unlike the original ZenWatch that only came in one size, the ZenWatch 2 will accommodate wrists of …

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how to best Download and Install Android M for Nexus 5, 6, 9

The latest version of Android, dubbed Android M, has been released in a developer preview version alongside Google’s I/O conference. It will prepare Android to better integrate wearables and Google’s Material Design aesthetic philosophy. It is now available for download and testing on Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 9, and …

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