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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is a smartphone or a bomb?

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was a successor to the Note 5 and it’s launched in August 2016. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 having all top end specification including 3,500 mAh lithium-ion battery with fast charging mode.  Unfortunately Samsung recalled estimated 2.5 Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices after reports emerged devices exploding …

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The 5 Best Translation Apps for Android and IOS

People have wanted mobile universal language translators for centuries. Although the technology has been a long time coming, it is steadily and rapidly improving in accuracy, speed, and the number of languages that can be translated. The power of mobile devices and cloud storage allow for apps that can translate …

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Better Copy and Paste With These Android Apps

It doesn’t get much simpler than copying and pasting. It’s such a common and useful task that many people even know the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + C for copying and Ctrl + V for pasting. You might think that would be the long and short of it but you would …

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5 Amazing Screen Recording Apps For Android Lollipop

Recording your smartphone or tablet’s screen is great for creating video tutorials, reviews, gameplays, and sharing how you use your device with others. There are a lot of apps out there with varying sets of features. Most will at least let you record video from your device’s screen but many …

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