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Better Copy and Paste With These Android Apps

It doesn’t get much simpler than copying and pasting. It’s such a common and useful task that many people even know the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + C for copying and Ctrl + V for pasting. You might think that would be the long and short of it but you would …

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5 Amazing Screen Recording Apps For Android Lollipop

Recording your smartphone or tablet’s screen is great for creating video tutorials, reviews, gameplays, and sharing how you use your device with others. There are a lot of apps out there with varying sets of features. Most will at least let you record video from your device’s screen but many …

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The 5 Best Apps For Android TV

Android TV is a new media platform for video and gaming that runs either on a set-top box, or integrated into newer TVs. With Android TV, you’ll be able to access popular video apps, games, and other Android apps that have been optimized for a big screen experience. Here are …

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5 Great Social Android Wear Apps

As the use of smartwatches grows, more and more Android apps are being updated to play nice with Android Wear if not written for the wearable platform from scratch. As you’re likely to be wearing a smartwatch while out on the town, it can be a great addition to your …

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Tips For Installing and Uninstalling Apps on the Apple Watch

Are you the owner of a lovely new Apple Watch? Well lucky for you, installing and uninstalling apps is incredibly simple and intuitive. Apple has done a wonderful job in integrating the iPhone and Apple Watch experience. Just think of the Apple Watch as the ultimate iPhone assistant, always ready …

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