If you recently bought the iPhone or iPad? Download these apps first

So you got yourself a new iPad or iPhone Or iPod Touch? Must be excited to turn it on and check out the different apps that you really want to make use of onto your brand new gadget. There are a large number of applications that have been added to the Apple’s App Store on a daily basis, out of which the 493,289 were paid ones and 158,848 are games. Naturally, surfing through a large number of applications can be truly very time-consuming, specially when you do not know from where to start, I am here with a list of some vital apps that are not only useful but also popular with users.

Google Maps :


The Google Maps app totally replaced the Apple’s native mapping client. Google Maps has been an incredible application that has been helping out users finding  what their present location is and anywhere they want to be without even getting lost. The app can be downloaded from here Google Maps.

Source: Google Maps App for iOS

Triplt :


If you happen to be a continuous traveler, whether for pleasure or business purposes, you will be able to organize your travelling logistics appropriately with this application. Since the iPad or iPhone is a hefty travelling companion, it is just logical to have an application that can be accessed to have a prompt reference to ensure that you are never late to catch your train. The app can be downloaded from here TripIt.

Source: Triplt App for iOS

Flipboard :


It is better than just downloading a separate news app. With the Flipboard app, you will be able to browse through the curated content, it does not matter it is sports, politics, news, or even tech. The app can be downloaded from here Flipboard.

Source: Flipoard App for iOS

Evernote :


Do not forget anything now ever again. Is it that you have been out for shopping or you require to jot anything down and there is no paper around? Evernote happens to be your digital moleskine, and you can post any of your important notes that will be synced to the cloud and can easily view on your iPad, iPhone or even desktop. The app can be downloaded from here Evernote.

Source: Evernote App for iOS

Camera+ :


With your iPhone or iPad, you will have an access to a robust new camera which is at your disposal. This app enables you to easily make changes to your photos as per your needs and preferences. You can even share your images at various social networking portals like Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, and more. The app can be downloaded from here Camera+

Source: Camera+ App for iOS


[Image Credit: Apple iTunes Store]

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