Apple Maps Now with Street View! The Day Has Arrived

Apple maps was under a lot of pressure from the get go. There were problems with the launch, and the newest OS was ripe with issues in its map app. Even after it was repaired and the latest patch released, there was still one main aspect missing, street view. This staple of the google maps app has set a precedent which all other map apps must now either include or be left to perish. Finally, Apple Maps has Street View. We can sleep easily tonight.

For just $0.99, Street View will automatically be placed into the Apple Maps app and make it a finally complete mapping app with real life images of the locations you’re searching for. After downloading the app, not only is Street View now incorporated into your Apple Maps package, but Street View can also be used as its own unique app to simply view locations as they would appear in Street View without having to navigate through Apple Maps.

It doesn’t seem like a huge deal that the map package has gone this long without Street View, but in this age of information and instant gratification it has big a big stink in the already somewhat weary market of Apple Maps. Now that it is here the app is complete and the Apple Map users will have nothing to gripe about, for now.

App Source: Street View for iPhone

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