Google Vs. Apple Maps – Which One To Opt For?

The Google Maps app was made available in the Apple’s App Store last week, and it was a pretty joyful moment for the cyberspace. The proof of this is that just after a few hours of availability, Google Maps turned out to be the most downloaded application for the iOS devices, and most of the users simply banished their Apple Maps application into a folder that keeps Compass, Reminders, and other unnecessary and un-deleteable apps Apple integrated.

Is Google Maps app really an improvised app in comparison to what Apple offers? To figure it out, continue reading this post, and you will have a better idea. What I have been able to analyze is that Google holds superiority, in presentation, spend, and most imperatively, in accuracy. It does not mean that the Apple’s mapping app is hideous or awful. It’s just that Google Maps application is refined and flawless where Apple;s default maps feel deficient and patchy.

Google Maps is Easier and Cleaner Than Apple :

Apple is a big name, it has constructed its present empire on, its clarity and crisp design of its products. But, with the comes to mapping services, Apple seems to be far behind. Google, on the other hand, is being easy to use and simplicity to its users. Google Maps happens to be more austere with a pretty straightforward display compared to what Apple offers to its users.

Google Offers A Quicker Search With Accurate Results :

Google commenced as a search company and has accumulated tons of data over the past years, so it is no big surprise that the Google Maps app is generally more consistent and reliable in comparison to Apple Maps while you are searching for either a specific address or location name.

Getting There With A Push :

Apple has been quite useful with its mapping service, as it provides turn-by-turn directions. The voice navigation feature on Google Maps app sounds and looks same as Apple’s. Google Maps offers a push which is useful for superior navigation.

Google Maps offer public transit-takers a better advantage. Google offers the public feature, whereas Apple Maps app does not. The Google Maps application can map out directions for users and even show nearby transits, whereas Apple Maps is going to shuttle you off to a completely different application, which users are forced to choose themselves.

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