5 Great Social Android Wear Apps

As the use of smartwatches grows, more and more Android apps are being updated to play nice with Android Wear if not written for the wearable platform from scratch. As you’re likely to be wearing a smartwatch while out on the town, it can be a great addition to your social networking. Instead of blatantly whipping out a smartphone to check on Facebook or your texts, you can slyly tap your smartwatch to get much of the same information with less hassle. Here are 5 apps designed with Android Wear in mind. Be sure to give them a try if you’re looking for social applications for your smartwatch.

1. Swarm by Foursquare


With Swarm, you can easily check on your friends’ activities or share your own in the hope that someone will want to join. It’s a fun way to meet up with existing friends or even find new ones nearby who share common interests. You can choose to message people individually or as a group and get an activity going.

2. Skout


It’s easy to make new friends and chat with people on Skout. You can send chat messages, emojis, voice messages. and photos with other Skout users. The app makes it easy both to find nearby people to chat with as well as hop around the globe and find someone halfway around the world to share messages with.

3. VK


If you’re fed up with Facebook for some reason or just want to try an alternative, VK might be for you. VK is a full-fledged social network with many of the same features as Facebook. Update and share your own status, check on friends and family, it’s all possible on VK from your smartwatch.

4. Banjo


For fans of live news and events, Banjo is a great app. From concerts and sporting events to conferences and expos, Banjo collects posts and information so it’s easily viewable and shareable. It’s a great way to feel like you’re at the event or at least get a good idea of what’s going on. If you’re close enough, you can even try to make it there in person if you like what you see.

5.Vingle. Very Community.


Vingle brands itself as a place for thousands of communities, from the very popular and large, to the obscure. If you ever wanted a place to share and discuss interests with like-minded people online, Vingle could be for you. It’s easy to share tips, tricks, techniques, knowledge and the pure enjoyment of your community with others. If you’re an expert, share your expertise with others and if you just want to learn, soak up all the information on offer.

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