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Tips For Installing and Uninstalling Apps on the Apple Watch

Are you the owner of a lovely new Apple Watch? Well lucky for you, installing and uninstalling apps is incredibly simple and intuitive. Apple has done a wonderful job in integrating the iPhone and Apple Watch experience. Just think of the Apple Watch as the ultimate iPhone assistant, always ready to help out any supported app. When you install an app on your iPhone that has Apple Watch support, the Apple Watch version is automatically installed on both the phone and Apple Watch. Luckily these Apple Watch apps are very lightweight and don’t take up much additional memory. No manual steps are necessary to install Apple Watch apps beyond installing them on your iPhone and the initial Apple Watch setup.

As with the iPhone, there are a number of default apps that ship with the Apple Watch that cannot be removed. Should you wish to remove one of the Apple Watch apps from the watch itself, it is a simple matter of holding down on the icon of the app you wish to delete. The apps will move around indicating they can be edited and all you need to do to delete one is tap the small red X in the corner as you would on the iPhone. The much smaller display makes this a tad more difficult but it is easy all the same. When an app is deleted from the Apple Watch it is automatically toggled off on your iPhone.


You can also directly delete an Apple Watch app from your iPhone by going to the Apple Watch iPhone app, tap on the app you wish to delete, and toggle “Show App on Apple Watch” to off. The app will disappear from your Apple Watch. If you ever decide you can’t live without that app on your Apple Watch, simply open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone again, scroll to the app and toggle “Show App on Apple Watch” to on. The app will appear back on your Apple Watch as if it were there all along! Isn’t that convenient?

Apple-Watch-apps Show-App-on-Apple-Watch

if you’ve still confusion to Install & Uninstall Apps on Apple watch ? Please watch this Video Tutorial.

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