Precision Photo Editing With FunFX

Many popular photo editing apps on iOS only provide the option to apply filters to the entire photo at once. While this is a fast and easy way to achieve great results, sometimes it’s useful to be a bit more selective. FunFX allows you to apply effects and filters to different regions of a photo and mix and match instead of using only a single filter across the image. If you ever wanted more fine grained control over the end result, FunFX is worth exploring.

You begin by choosing a photo to edit by importing from Instagram, your camera roll, or by taking a new photo with your device’s camera. Next, you can use a variety of preset selection boxes to crop or edit specific areas of the original photo. You can also choose to edit the entire thing at once or use a customized selection box. Once you’ve made a selection, a filter or effect can be applied to the selection area and the process repeated to apply more effects as you see fit. There are a huge variety of effects to choose from so many fun results can be achieved with some experimentation. There is even an option to add an effect to a list of favorites for repeated access which is very helpful considering the number of effects available. Some standard options for gamma, saturation, and rgb are also available. If you’re not sure whether you like the result of an applied effect, there is an undo/redo button to quickly compare the before and after. You can also add text boxes to the photo and change the font, size, and color of the text. It’s a great way to add comments, funny captions, or notes to any photo.

Once you’re done, of course you can share your creation on all popular social networks and services including Facebook, DropBox, Flickr, or by e-mail. FunFX is available free for a limited time, give it a try for some powerful photo editing.

Apple iTunes Store: FunFx Photo Editor

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