wpTorrent Brings Torrent Downloads To Windows Phone 8

The wide world of torrenting is now open with wpTorrent on Windows Phone 8. A simple but effective app, wpTorrent sports a bare bones interface and gets the job done. As with any torrent client, you first find and select a torrent and hope that there are enough fellow torrent seeders to complete your download. Unfortunately, you cannot load torrents directly from a web search and have to manually add search engines or lists in order to find the torrent you want.

wpTorrent offers many options including the ability to only download via WiFi, limit upload and download speeds, control priorities for each download, and a basic file manager with http server to share files. There are also several power saving features that allow you to tweak the download speed relative to the battery level or change which wireless network you use to download. You can even choose to only download when the app is running, exit on completion, or download while the screen in locked. The variety of power saver options is very good and a thoughtful addition on the developer’s part.

The file manager needs quite a lot of work and there are some users who report being unable to access or delete files that have been downloaded. It is also not very easy to move downloaded items from the phone to a PC. The app has a basic media player that can stream media as it is being downloaded. It’s a nice way to preview the video or music you’re downloading or to start it right away if you’re impatient.

The free version of wpTorrent has ads and caps the download speed at 200KB per second. For $3.99, you get the pro version without speed limits or ads. If you have a Windows 8 smartphone and are a frequent torrent user, this is definitely an app you’ll want to add to your collection.

Source: wpTorrent for Windows Phone

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