Check Your Eyesight With Online App ‘Vision’

With the number of hours the typical person spends staring at their smartphone, computer, TV, etc. many are bound to have issues with their vision sometime or another. It’s also common for vision to fluctuate throughout life as the eyes change from aging and different conditions. Although modern devices can strain our eyes, a web app combined with a QR reader on a smartphone can provide a fun and useful test of your eyesight. The app is called Vision, and you can visit it via any web browser to test your eyesight with a friend or alone. Although this is no replacement for a visit to an Opthalmologist or Optometrist, it can be a useful way to gauge your general eyesight and see if there are any noticeable deficiencies. Vision only checks for myopia (or nearsightedness) as you should be able to tell if you’re farsighted if nearby objects are out of focus or you have trouble reading.

To use Vision, you first visit the Vision site where you begin by clicking ‘Try Now’. You’ll then need to calibrate your screen which can be done by clicking the gear icon next to ‘Start Here’. You’ll be presented with a rectangle that you can use to calibrate the size of the text that you’ll be tested on. You can use a credit card and adjust the slider until it fits perfectly in the calibration box.


Next, you can click the QR button and scan it with a QR reader on your smartphone. This will bring up a window where you can enter your answers for the test. You can also click a link here and have a friend act as your vision assistant and enter your answers for you.


When you’re ready to begin, stand 4 meters away from the screen. Now, if you’ve opened the link via QR code, you will see some grey stars representing each letter. Tap a star and you’ll be presented with a set of letters to choose from. Enter the letter you see on the chart to see if you’ve got it. It will turn green if it’s correct and red if it’s not. Your friend can also enter your choices via the alternative link in the same way by clicking each star and then clicking a letter.

Once you’ve finished, you can see your score at the top which seems to simply be a tally of the number you’ve gotten correct so a higher number means you can read more letters. It’s a fun way to test your vision and even get someone to act as your assistant.

Source: Vision Website

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