Top 5 Network Switches for 2013

What are some of the best network switches for 2013? When comparing network switches, it’s worth thinking about how many ports they can handle, as well as the amount of layers they can provide for a network. The best network switches will also offer integration with fibre optics and admin services that can allow you to manage large scale LANs. The best switches at the moment still come from leading brands like Netgear and Cisco, with Cisco switches being particularly impressive in 2013. Some of the best switches include:

1 – Netgear GSM7328S

This premium switch can handle 24 ports, and operates at Layer 3 as a managed device. The extra capacity that the switch offers makes it one of the best available for gigabit switching, with 10 Gbps slots available. The GSM7328S is also recommended as a low latency switch capable of handling large amounts of traffic, as well as connections to fibre optic cabling. A power module is also available for backing up data onto an RPS if a mains power supply goes down.

2 – ASUS Ethernet Switch GX-D1051

A budget switch from ASUS, the GX-D1051 has a Gigabit capacity, and can be ideal for small businesses and homes that don’t require comprehensive switching; this switch has five ports, an extended warranty, and Jumbo Frame support. Compact enough to be discreetly used in the home or an office, the Gbps speeds that this switch can handle puts it above most other Ethernet devices in its category.

3 – Cisco Catalyst 2960S-24TS-L Switch

Of the many Cisco switches currently available, the 2960S-24TS-L is recommended if you want to manage a large scale network; it has 24 ports, and 4 dual purpose SFP GigE ports, as well as a LAN base. The enhanced switching services that Cisco offer can be combined with IP communications, and can be set up to handle multiple levels of traffic, while also being stackable with other switches if you need to build up a server room system.

4 – Netgear GS605

Another good option for a home switch, the Netgerar GS605 can handle 5 ports, and can push into a capacity of 1000 Mbps. In this way, the GS605 is a worthwhile investment if you’re regularly transferring large files, or if you’re playing online games. One of the best for detecting when a network is overloading, this switch is also useful for small businesses that only require a desktop switch for handling traffic.

5 – Cisco SF102-24-UK

If you’re looking for a solid switch for your business, then the 100 Series from Cisco remains one of the best options you can take in 2013. This plug and play switch is part of Cisco’s Small Business Range, and as an unmanaged switch it can be used to deliver efficient, low power networking. You can also upgrade the SF102-24-UK if you need to, while also combining a small switch for your LAN with larger managed switches if you decide to expand your IT infrastructure.

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Rosette is a blogger with a special interest in network solutions and business IT. She’s been particularly impressed by the performance of cisco switches over the past few years.

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