How Apple’s iPhone Is Overcrowding The World’s 4G Networks

There are contradictory opinions regarding the future of iPhones. The phone that once ruled the charts and was at the numero uno position has slipped and is considered second in the race by many. However, there is no denying the fact that the phone is still incredibly popular when it comes to demand amongst the masses.

The main reason for this is that Apple has a loyal fan base that does not wish to turn to other phones. In addition, the company has always released new models of its iPhone range to win back the customers it starts to lose.

The release of 4G technology on iPhones is also a planned strategy to keep its customers from moving to competitors like Samsung and HTC.

Nonetheless, Apple’s introduction of 4G is said to have overcrowded the network. As per reports, the traffic from iPhones can affect other LTE networks that are also trying to make a mark in the 4G industry that is already pretty crowded thanks to Apple’s strategy.

As per several researches, most users who have access to 4G are enjoying the service via Apple’s iPhones. Other providers do not enjoy the kind of success in this regard yet, however, they remain hopeful that they will be able to dethrone Apple sometime soon and come out victorious in this race.

Samsung and other competitors run neck-to-neck with the iPhone when it comes to usual services, however, in case of 4G, it is a different story altogether. Apple seems to stand tall in this sector with users giving it preference over other substitutes.

Ericsson has studied the market to find out exactly what is happening with the changing scenario. The research highlighted how iPhone was in a position to have such a large impact on the 4G network. iPhones are not only a plurality on the network but also often end up in the hands of the carriers’ highly demanding data users.

The research conducted by Ericsson’s only took data from HSPA networks. Verizon and Sprint, CDMA operators, have recently acquired the device, so they spent a lot of time investing in Android’s 3G and now have moved to 4G with the improvement in technology.

Many say that the difference might grow if not much is done. With Apple strengthening its place, LTE is a carrier conceit.

Networks, including Apple, have to keep several things in mind when deciding their next step and how things have changed due to the introduction of the 4G technology on such a large scale. Apple does not only need to pay attention to battery life that has become a trouble but also to the costs involved.

Many 4G users are constantly seen complaining about how their battery drains quickly when they use this technology. Nothing in this regard has been done yet, but there definitely is the need to. Many experts predict that users may start switching to other options if Apple does not come up with a solution to this problem.

Android and other platforms need to be geared up to grab their share in the market once such a thing happens. However, currently Apple is the market leader with an overcrowded 4G network due to its large reach and planning that seems to have some loopholes in it as well.You can find several plans there as per your requirements. The huge variety of options to select from makes it easy for every user to get the right plan that offers them everything that they need from high quality internet to low costs.

Moving on to the current market situation and the future of the 4G market, it is not really the right time to say anything concrete as the conditions are subject to change on a daily basis. Apple is already expected to bring in some major changes to the iPhone 5 that did not leave the kind of impact it was expected to. How will it do it? Some say by releasing updates or apps while some say that it may just release another phone in a hurry. The solution is to wait and watch!

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