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Restore Deleted Data Files, Contacts and Calendars From iCloud

Apple’s iCloud is a marvelous feature for protecting and restoring your data. These include everything from regular files to contacts, calendars, and reminders and all of them can be both uploaded to Apple’s cloud and pulled back down in the event that they’re lost or deleted. With recent updates to …

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Transfer Contacts From Android to Your iPhone

If you’ve decided to switch from an Android phone to the iPhone or if you’re a user of both, you’ve likely had the need to transfer your list of contacts between devices. There are a few ways of transferring contacts from an Android phone to the iPhone ranging from the …

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ReachFeast: Contacts Search, Free for a Limited Time

Everyone with an iPhone knows that one of the fatal flaws of the otherwise amazing interface is the long scroll. There’s no worse time to suffer this issue when looking to get to a contact as fast as possible. The current scrolling uses specifically placed tapping which can be uncontrolled …

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