Status Snapper: The Google Chrome Extension for Capturing and Saving Facebook Posts

Everyone these days has a Facebook. Whether it’s your grandma or younger sister, people are posting things to Facebook everyday, usually multiple times a day. There is always that time when you see something on there that you wish you could easily just take a screen capture of and share with your friends on Facebook. Well, now the day has come where this can easily happen with just a few clicks.

Status Snapper is an extension for Google Chrome. This extension works in perfect harmony with Facebook and allows you to quickly snap a picture of your screen to share on your own Facebook. Usually doing this before required not only the screen capture, but then to open that captured screen in an image editor to blur or remove the names and specifics from the capture to make it anonymous. Sharing other people’s names without their permission is simply poor taste. The great thing about Status Snapper is that it not only captures the screen, but also in the same step blurs and removes names and places from the newly saved image. All of this being done by the extension itself makes this otherwise tedious task much more simplified. You can also choose what pictures and identifying information is blurred and what is not.

Finally share those hilarious or interesting statuses with just a click of a button. Take a snap of the whole Facebook screen on your monitor to share with everyone you know and make it anonymous at the same time. After you take the image simply click, “Finish”, and have the shot saved as an imgur. This takes all of the previous guesswork and needless excess out of sharing a screenshot of your Facebook. It’s a very simple, but well refined and great app.

Source: Status Snapper for Chrome

[Image Credit: Chrome Web Store]

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