Fresh Paint: The Best New Painting App for Windows 8

The world of “finger painting” or digital painting has been exploding in recent years. Not only for simply recreational scribbling, this method of creating art has been tackled by some of the greatest names in modern art history. Unleash your potential with the newest and best painting app for Windows 8.

Fresh Paint is the latest release for digital art on the Windows 8 app store. It has a shockingly realistic feel if you’ve ever worked with paints. It is great for anyone from a child who simply wants to put colors on a blank canvas to the highly critical art student or artist. The potential for creating very high quality, realistic art is there, but it is also a venue for simple creative flow.

The best part about this app is the real feeling of the colors and paints. You can pick multiple colors of paint from your pallet and choose how and where to mix them just like real paints. This is not only a great tool for teaching children art, but color theory as well. The options for various style of brushes and canvases will give you an even wider array of choices to create your own art. Not only can you choose the tooth and the style of the canvas, but you can also import images saved on your device to paint over.

Personally, I love to mess around with digital art and doodling and painting anything that comes to mind in real life and on tablets and mobile devices. This is one of the best apps for all around user friendly art creation that I have come across. With the options to expand the app and get even more add-ons for children or to teach you how to paint, the options are endless.

Source: Fresh Paint for Windows 8

[Image Credit: Windows Store]

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