Samsung Sold 5 Million Units Of Galaxy Note 2 Globally

Korean Manufacturer Samsung has announced that, it has sold around 5 million units of Galaxy Notes II. We already knew that, few days ago, Samsung released statement it has sold 3 million Galaxy Note 2 devices. Galaxy Note II played very successful role in hybird devices. Currently, Galaxy Note 2 available in more than 120 countries including United States of America.

Nicolas Gaudois, an analyst at UBS, said in the report:

“The Galaxy Note II has shipped 3 million units in its first five weeks of sales, with sell-through strong in Asia and Europe, and the U.S. gathering pace post-launch. We hence forecast 7 million Galaxy Note 2, compared to our initial expectation of 5 million for the fourth quarter.”

In Fact, Samsung has proved wrong  those peoples, who criticized Samsgung Galaxy Note 2 for big size and niche device. if you’re not know about specification, Galaxy Note 2 is packed up with 1.6 quad-core processor, 2GB Ram, 5.5 inch HD super Amoled display, 8MP camera and much more.

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