Windows 8 And Surface With Windows RT Support Dates Unveils

Few days ago, Microsoft launched Windows 8 OS as well as Surface tablet. but Microsoft experts are seriously busy to planning for the future support. Recently Microsoft unveiled Windows RT and Surface support will continue at least April, 2017. In on other post extend support for Windows 8 will end January 2013.

Here is list of Microsoft OS and their mainstream and extended support with dates.

  • Windows XP: Mainstream support ended, Extended support end date: 8.4.2014.
  • Windows Vista: Mainstream support ended, Extended support end date: 11.4.2017.
  • Windows 7: Mainstream support end date 13.1.2015, Extended support end date: 14.1.2020.
  • Windows 8: Mainstream support end date 9.1.2018, Extended support end date 10.1.2023.
  • Windows RT: Not yet communicated.
  • Surface with Windows RT: Mainstream support end date 11.4.2017, Extended support end date: not applicable as it is a consumer device.


However, Microsoft current polices offer their users “a minimum of four years Mainstream support for consumer hardware products”

it’means peoples who already bought surface with Windows RT can expect update until 2017. Microsoft Windows RT used in other and upcoming devices, Microsoft said that,

“Microsoft will make software updates, including security updates, available for Windows RT. Additional information regarding the Windows RT life cycle policy will be communicated as available.”

MS Surface is not only Windows RT user device, but expecting DELL, ACER and Samsung are currently using OR interested to adopt Windows RT.

Source: Microsoft support page

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