Top 5 Android Apps for Better Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep can be a problem for most of us some, or all of the time. There’s nothing worse than waking up groggy and foggy from not getting rested up. There are some great apps to help you track your sleep to help fix problems or just help you get a better night’s sleep in general Here are the top 5 Android apps for sleep help.

SleepBot Tracker – Sleep Suite ;


This is the best one on the market. This app won first place by the US National Institute of Health’s competition for “Going Viral to Improve Health”. This app will log in all of your sleep information, organize it into graphs and charts, and allow you to see the trends, patterns and time stamps of your activity. If you want to figure out your problem times or areas, or just get a better idea of how you sleep this is an essential app.

Lightning Bug – Sleep Clock ;


Did you have one of those sound makers years ago to help you sleep? Studies show that ambient sound and white noise can help you sleep far easier than in a regular quiet room. When you have every creek and bump to take your attention away from sleeping then you can’t fall asleep nearly as easily. This app will provide you with the ambient noise to help you drift off into a slumber of calmness and relaxation. With over 200 sound loops to choose from you can’t go wrong.

Relax and Sleep ;


This is another great ap for people who need to hear something as they fall asleep. It also features the ability to fade sounds in and out , have custom presets and use and alarm clock. Choose from an expansive list of over 35 ambient sounds from nature to animals to machinery.

Music Box to Sleep ;


If you have someone who needs to hear music to fall asleep, whether it’s you or your infant child, this is the app for you. With a number of great lullaby type songs this will have you wandering off to sleep in no time at all. Relaxing background images make it all the more enjoyable as well.

Music Therapy for Sound Sleep ;


This is a great approach to sleep therapy from a sound perspective. The sounds in this app are made especially to go well with the wavelengths and patterns of the brain to induce and continue sleep. The ability of the creators to sync this app well with actual neurological activity makes this one of the most comprehensive sleep aid apps available. Not only will this app help sleep, but it will put you in a more relaxed and refreshed state.

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