It’s Finally Here! Final Fantasy IV for iPhone and iPad Released

Technology has come so far from when I was a little kid playing for hours on my tiny, black CRT television in my room. I remember back then thinking Gameboy was the coolest thing since sliced bread and wishing I could take my platform games on the road with me. One of my favorite series for essentially my entire lifetime has been the Final Fantasy series from Square Enix. My dreams came true last night when I downloaded and played the rereleased Final Fantasy IV for Apple products. The inner child in me was beaming ear to ear, and so was the outward awkward adult I am now. Finally, after more than ten years since the initial release, I could fulfill my dreams of playing my childhood favorites in the palm of my hand.

The price for this game is significantly higher than most app store titles. Coming in at $15.99, the game does not necessarily stand level with the other offerings in the app store at 99 cents or maybe $2.99, but that is because this is actually a converted platform game. When this game came out years ago it cost much more than $15.99 because of all of the effort put into actual games made for gaming systems not just tap and shake apps that can be programmed quite simply these days. Basically, I’m justifying the price based on the fact that the game is a classic and everyone owes it to themselves to play it.

This was the first game in the Final Fantasy series to introduce the Active Time Battle system which became a title standard for every single game to follow. It has all of those little storylines that will either bring you right back to the first time you played or create new memories of a game you’ve been missing out on for far too long.

If you love gaming in general or on the go, this title will be well worth the money while you play your heart out to this treasured classic.

Source: Final Fantasy IV for iOS on App Store

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