Temple Run Oz: The New Disney Inspired Version of the Classic Game

One of the most popular and famous endless running app games, Temple Run has teamed up with one of the most famous movies of all time to create this new hybrid, “Temple Run: Oz”. In this game the setup is the same as the other two Temple Run games. You run and dodge and escape the shrieking flying baboons while sliding away from being caught. The only difference is that the overall theme of the app is set in the world of Oz.

Although this is basically a remake of Temple Run but with different graphics it is still just as fun as the other versions and if you’re a fan of the new Oz the Great and Powerful movie then you’ll be in heaven with this app. So there’re really not much to review about this app other than announcing it exists. It’s the same basic Temple Run format. The cool features are really just the well drawn new environments that coincide with the Oz movie, the ability to fly in a hot air balloon and earn coins, multiple new scenes, and the weekly challenges specific to this version.

If you’re a fan of these endless running games then check this one out. It’s still just as fun of a game, but with a twist of Oz. You’ll have all of the same addicting pleasure and replay value that every other Temple Run has had.

Google Play: Temple Run Oz for Android

[Image Credit: Google Play Store]

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