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Galaxy Mega Phones Announced by Samsung

This is just a quick news update for our readers who like to know before anyone else that new technology is going to hit the market. Samsung announced earlier that the term their devices have been coined, “Fonblet” for a phone mixed with a tablet is being re described as …

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nJoy: The Android Controller App for Gaming

PC gaming is something that is no longer seen as a trend with those who are nerds and invalids. This type of gaming has become so much more mainstream with the introduction of smart phones and smaller gaming devices. These days app games and PC gaming titles are household names …

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The 5 Best Zombie Game Available On Google Play

I’m to list down the best and top zombie games for Android Smartphones and tablet gadgets. Enjoy but better avoid becoming one at the dinner..Yikes! Zombie Frontier The game has been developed by the FT Games. It comes with a notion that in the year 2020, T viruses spread worldwide. …

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